This is a summary of the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement, produced by me for the Centre for European Policy Studies in the context of some much more wide-ranging proposals for the stabilisation of the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and neighbouring parts of the Russian Federation). The full document is available from CEPS in English, Russian and Turkish. The Good Friday Agreement is available from the Northern Ireland Office web-site, among many other sources.

(extract from A Stability Pact for the Caucasus, CEPS Working Document No. 145, May 2000:

Annex H: Summary of the agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of Ireland, signed at Belfast, 10 April 1998

Two sovereign states: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, both members of EU.

Sovereignty: Future sovereignty of Northern Ireland (NI), i.e. participation in either UK or Republic of Ireland) to be determined by referendum of people of NI (this is now recognised in British law and Irish constitution). Right of the people of Northern Ireland to hold Irish or British passports or both is recognised.

NI Government

1) NI Executive is accountable to a directly elected Assembly

very strong human rights safeguards and minority protections

10 ministerial departments

2) Northern Ireland Office (branch of UK national government) retains responsibility for constitutional and security issues, in particular law & order, policing and criminal justice policy. Also three agencies: NI Prison Service, Compensation Agency and Forensic Science Agency.

Sharing of sovereignty

1) North/South Ministerial Council - NI Executive and Irish cabinet to meet as equals.

Joint implementation of policy on:

commitment to co-operate on: 2) British-Irish Council (BIC) (also known as "Council of the Isles" - modeled on Nordic Council) British and Irish governments, devolved institutions in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, representatives of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

An assembly for dialogue, rather like the Balkan Stability Pact

3) British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference

regular summit meetings between British and Irish governments to discuss issues not covered by NI Executive (and thus outside N/S Council remit)

Security issues

All participants to work for paramilitary disarmament by May 2000 (!)
British government commits to reform policing and criminal justice system
Both governments commit to release prisoners

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