1996 Forum Elections: Candidates in Newry and Armagh

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The following list of candidates is arranged in order of votes by party. The names in bold are those of the candidates elected in the constituency of Newry and Armagh.  (spreadsheet)

Social Democratic and Labour Party: 16,775 (34.1%): Seamus Mallon, Frank Feeley, Pat Brannigan, Mary McLeown, John Fee

Sinn Féin: 12,585 (25.6%): Patrick McNamee, Maria Caraher, Noel Sheridan, Brendan Curran, Caoimhghin O'Caolain

Ulster Unionist Party: 11,047 (22.5%): James Speers, Daniel Kennedy, Elaine McClure, Sylvia McRoberts

Democratic Unionist Party: 4,774 (9.8%): Meredith Patterson, Margaret Black, John McKew

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland: 1,037 (2.1%): Pete Whitcroft, Anne-Marie Cunningham

Progressive Unionist Party: 640 (1.4%): David Jamison, Raymond Laverty

United Kingdom Unionist Party: 474 (0.9%): Robert St-Cyr, Margaret Thomson

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition: 356 (0.7%): Sheila Fairon, Lynd Roper, Kathleen Magee

262 (0.5%): Eimear Duffy, Marian McKeown, Eamon Duffy, Eoin McGuinness

Ulster Democratic Party: 257 (0.5%): William Garrett, Alan Hewitt

Workers Party: 208 (0.4%): Dennis Carroll, Vivian Hutchinson, Mary Campbell, James McConville, Pat Smith

Green Party: 205 (0.4%): Vincent MacDowell, Tara Foley

Ulster Independence Movement: 173 (0.3%): William Frazer, John Gray

The Conservative Party: 131 (0.3%): Sarah Humphreys, Jennifer Cumming

Democratic Partnership: 114 (0.2%): Ronald Dawson, Donal Kelly

Independent Democratic Unionist Party: 55 (0.1%): Nigel Cummings, John Whitten

Democratic Left: 46 (0.09%): Brendan Montague, Orla McClean

Natural Law Party: 31 (0.06%): Eileen Leahy, Miguel Martin-Ramos

Independent Chambers:
12 (0.03%): Stella Irvine, Sharon Ralston

Electorate: 69,887; votes cast: 49,347; spoilt votes: 165 (0.3%); valid votes: 49,182

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