1996 Forum Elections: Candidates in Mid Ulster

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The following list of candidates is arranged in order of votes by party. The names in bold are those of the candidates elected in the constituency of Mid Ulster. (spreadsheet)

Sinn Féin: 13,001 (29.6%): Francie Molloy, Patsy Groogan, Sean Begley, Margaret McKenna, Owen Carron

Social Democratic and Labour Party: 12,492 (28.5%): Patsy McGlone, Denis Haughey, Kathleen Lagan, Pat McErlean, Joe McBride

Ulster Unionist Party: 7,935 (18.1%): John Junkin, Norman Badger, Trevor Wilson

Democratic Unionist Party: 7,243 (16.5%): William McCrea, William Larmour, Paul McLean

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland: 549 (1.2%): Aidan Lagan, Keith Jacques

United Kingdom Unionist Party: 435 (1.0%): Daniel Huston, Hugh Moore

Progressive Unionist Party: 380 (0.9%): John Coyle, Kenneth Rutherford

Ulster Democratic Party: 375 (0.9%): John Haveron, James English

Labour: 271 (0.6%): Harry Hutchinson, Anne Gribbon, John McLaughlin, Paddy McGrath, Joanne Kane

Ulster Independence Movement:
263 (0.6%): Walter Millar, Dierdre Speer-White

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition:
259 (0.6%): Cherry Dickson, Ann McCrystal, Sheila Murphy, Mary Hogg, Mary Doyle

Workers Party: 210 (0.5%): Francie Donnelly, Gerard Brennan

Green Party: 132 (0.3%): David Lyttle, Lucille O'Shea

The Conservative Party: 119 (0.3%): Elspeth Irvine, Eileen Elizabeth McKee

Democratic Partnership: 93 (0.2%): Charles McKee, Patrick Pearse Kelly

Democratic Left: 41 (0.09%): Patricia Cullen, Frank McElroy

Natural Law Party: 24 (0.06%): Stewart Luck, Richard Mulholland

Independent Chambers: 20 (0.05%): Angela Moore, Linda Chambers

Electorate: 57,683; votes cast: 44,001; spoilt votes: 159 (0.4%); valid votes: 43,842

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